American Astronautics Corporation’s
X Prize Competition Entry:


The Spirit of Liberty

Welcome to the home page for American Astronautics Corporation’s X Prize vehicle, “The Spirit of Liberty”.  This site is currently under construction, please check back soon for updates.  Thank you.


AAC's X PRIZE Precursor:

The Freedom Flyer

A message regarding the Columbia Tragedy...

"In light of the wishes expressed by the family of Columbia's crew that their lives were not to be lost in vain, furthered by President Bush in his expression that the cause in which they died will continue, we must move forward in the conquest of space with a renewed sense of determination. As a nation, our history demonstrates that in all our endeavors, it is our tragedies that serve to anneal our drive to success. In kind, we push forward harder that history would record the Columbia Tragedy as having ultimately contributed in a significant way towards furthering mankind's exploration and utilization of space. American Astronautics Corporation continues with increased determination our Commercial Space Tourism projects towards meeting the vision of public space travel."

- , American Astronautics Corporation 


The Spirit of Liberty
Mission Patch Preliminary Concept Art